A stop-motion short film (11')


On the battle fields of the First World War, the nurse Simon patches up the shattered faces of the infantrymen with love letters.  These words from beloved women have the power to heal the wounds of these paper soldiers. Simon himself seems immune to injury. Untouched by the attacks and unblemished in his white uniform.  So what’s his secret ?  His wartime pen friend who occupies his thoughts every spare moment he has. Knowing that she is out of harm’s way but standing behind him gives him the necessary strength to confront the daily horrors and death that war throws at him. But when death happens where it is least expected it, can these words on paper still ease the pain?






Augusto Zanovello


Created by

Augusto Zanovello, Jean-Charles Finck and Arnaud Bechet



Pictor Media / XBO Films



Project Images Films


Nominated - Césars 2014


Audience Award - International Animated Film Festival of Annecy 2013


Best french speaking animation SACD Awards - International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand (France) 2014


Grand Prize - Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival SICAF (South Korea) 2014


Grand Prize of Best Animated Short Film - The Tokyo Anim Award Festival (Japan) 2014


Best professional film award - Bradford Animation Festival (United Kingdom) 2013


Best film award (Professional Category) - Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival (Canada) 2013


Finalist - Cartoon d’Or 2013


Jury’s Favorite Film Unifrance  - Unifrance Awards at Cannes International Film Festival 2013


Best Overseas Animated Short Film Nominee – Gold Panda Awards (China) 2013


Best Short Film Award - Anim'est Bucarest (Roumania) 2013


Best Short Film Award - Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) 2013


Best Animated Short Film - International Film Festival of Vebron 2013


Best Animated Short Film – Ottawa International Short Film Festival (FICMO) (Canada) 2014


Grand Prize - Meknès International Animation Film Festival FICAM (Morocco) 2014


Bronze Brick - Animax Skopje Fest (Macedonia) 2013


Winner (2nd place) - Big Cartoon Festival (Russia) 2013


Grand Prize - KROK (Russia) 2014


Grand Prize of Fréjus - Short Film Festival of Fréjus (France) 2014


Jury Special Prize - City of Lights, City of Angels (Col-Coa) - Los Angeles (United states) 2014


Jury Prize - Animpact (Korea/China / Japan) 2013


Jury Grand Prize - Ciné Court Animé (France) 2014


Grand Jury Special Prize / Young Jury Award/ Special Prize of Jury Press - “Festival du film court en plein air” of Grenoble 2013


Special Mention for ingenious integration of material and story - Anibar International Animation Festival (Kosovo) 2013


Special Young Jury Prize - Filmfest Dresden - International Short Film (Germany) 2014


Audience Award / Special Mention for the Best Animated short film - “Tournez court” (France) 2013


Special Jury Mention - Animated film festival of Bourg en Bresse (France) 2013


Special Jury Mention for the incredible work of animation and his poetry - International Short Film Festival "Vilnius Film Shorts“ (Lithuania) 2013


Audience Award - “Autour du court” Festival of Nogent-sur-Marne 2013


Audience Award - « Court en Champagne » (France) 2013


The Best Visual Imagery - Multivision (Russia) 2013


Best Scenario Award - AnimaMundi (Brazil) 2014


Best Idea/Screenplay Award – BuSho, Budapest Short film (Hungary) 2013


Best Scenario Award - « L'ombre d'un court » at Jouy en Josas (France) 2014



“Festival des Nouveaux Cinémas” (France) 2013

French film Festival of Tokyo (Japan) 2013

“Faites de l'Image” of Toulouse (France) 2013

Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (Switzerland) 2013

Odense Film Festival (Denmark) 2013

Animanima (Serbia) 2013

“Chacun son court” (France) 2013

“Fenêtres sur courts” (France) 2013

Short Film Encounters of Montpellier (France) 2013

Calgary International Film Festival (Canada) 2013

International francophone film Festival of Namur (Belgium) 2013

Animage Festival (Brazil) 2013

Manhattan Short (United states) 2013

Short film festival of Saint Paul Trois Chateaux (France) 2013

Balkanima to Belgrade (Serbia) 2013

« Un festival c'est trop court » (France) 2013

Se-Ma-For Film Festival (Poland) 2013

DOK Leipzig 2013 (Germany) 2013

City court festival to Hagondange (France) 2013

Short Film Festival of Noyon (France) 2013

Colchester Film Festival (United Kingdom) 2013

« Festival du cinéma International en Abitibi-Témiscamingue » (Canada) 2013

European short film festival of Brest (France) 2013

« Séquence court-métrage » (France) 2013

3D Wire Animation Market (Spain) 2013

KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival (Holland) 2013

« Court c'est court » (France) 2013

Film Festival of Alcala de Henares – Alcine (Spain) 2013

Ciné Premières Festival of Groningue (Netherlands) 2013

Cinanima (Portugal) 2013

Film Festival of Compiègne (France) 2013

Flensburg Shortfilmfestival (Denmark) 2013

Tubingen – Stuttgart film Festival (Allemagne) 2013

International Film Festival of Bilbao – ZINEDI (Spain) 2013

Interfilm Berlin (Germany) 2013

French Film Festival in Czech Republic (Czech Republic) 2013

« Les nuits magiques » (France) 2013

Whistler Film Festival (Canada) 2013

Images en vues (Canada) 2013

Reanimania (Armenia) 2013

International Film Festival Etiuda & Anima (Poland) 2013

Istanbul International Short Film Festival (Turkey) 2013

Akbank Short Film Festival (Turkey) 2014

« Un poing c'est court » - francophone film Festival (France) 2014

MECAL - International Short film and animation of Barcelona (Spain) 2014

Ciné Junior (France) 2014

Ciné Court Animé (France) 2014

Animex – Middlesbrough (United Kingdom) 2014

Landshut Short Film Festival (Germany) 2014

Anima (Belgium) 2014

Richmond French Film Festival (United State) 2014

Cleveland International Film Festival (United States) 2014

European Cinema Festival of Lille (France) 2014

Independent Film Festival - Durango Film (United States) 2014

International Short Film Festival of Nimègue - Go Short (Netherlands) 2014

Ashland Independent Film Festival (United States) 2014

International Festival of animated film Stuttgart (Germany) 2014

Trois jours trop court (France) 2014

Be Film The Underground Film Festival (United States) 2014

Future Film Festival of Bologne (Italia) 2014

European Short Film Festival "Extèrieur nuit" (France) 2014

French spring  (Ukraine) 2014

French Film Panorama (China) 2014

Tripoli Film Festival (Lebanon) 2014

Anifilm (Czech Republic) 2014

Mediawave - International Visual arts festival (Hungary) 2014

Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium) 2014

Melbourne International Animation Festival - MIAF (Australia) 2014

LISE – Leiden International Short Film Experience (Netherlands) 2014

Animix Tel Aviv (Israel) 2014

KloosterKino (Netherlands) 2014

Animafest (Croatia) 2014

« Détours en Cinécourt » (France) 2014

Fest Anca (Slovakia) 2014

Hiroshima International Animation Festival (Japan) 2014

International Fantoche Festival (Switzerland) 2014

Granada international short film festival (Spain) 2014

Historic Film Festival of Cloyes sur le Loir (France) 2014

LIAF (United Kingdom) 2014

Aguilar de Campoo (Spain) 2014

« A nous de voir » (France) 2014

1st Shortvisions festival (China) 2014

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